Hi there

My name is Crista Jaeckel, thanks for visiting my online shop!

What started as a hobby a few years ago has grown into a business for me sewing my own line of project bags from fabric that I print or paint myself . I recently also started using all the scraps and pieces left in my fabric bin and you will also see some "scrappy - quilty" bags in the shop as well.



What makes my bags special

  • One of a kind block printed fabric 
  • Unique colors and sizes
  • Handmade using high quality materials
  • Made in small bathes 
  • Super functional , opens wide and stands on a study waxed canvas bottom

How do you design?

Sometimes my print designs come from an initial sketch that I work and rework, while other times designs emerge from experimenting with blocks and ink. When I do create a sketch, I carve out the design on a rubber block, apply the ink, and then print the fabric that will turn into the bag. I gravitate toward simple, bold prints. I’m also one for a touch of whimsy. I love experimenting with color—finding just the right shade  of ink and putting unexpected colors together on the same fabric. For me, the fun part of block-printing is adding pops of color, turning my blocks to create another print, and deciding when to stop.


So many sizes!

I know! As a knitter, and maker myself I am always looking at how to offer a variety of products for different needs. The sizes you will see on my site are:

  • Notion bags in big and small sizes
  • Zipper project bags, S, M , L and XL (hat to bulky sweater)
  • Drawstring bags, S and L ( Sock and sweater)
  • Tote bags of all sizes. (sweater quantity)


Where are you from?

If you follow me on IG or know me from a show or a class you might have noticed that I have an accent.

Yes I am a immigrant , I was born and raised in South Africa. I have lived in the US for 20 years and now call Boston , MA home.



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